Two-Headed Dolphin Is Super Rare


A dead two-headed dolphin that washed ashore in Turkey earlier this week has made waves across the Internet. 



Quiet Thursdays – Moon Gazing



There was another full moon last weekend, and I kept seeing everywhere that it was a super moon.  I have no idea, I’m afraid, I know when the full moons are, but not when they are super or not.  I have heard when the next Blood Moon is, but that is about it.  I need to find out how others find out this information.

August Full Moon

I took this photo of the moon out my front door.  It isn’t anything special, just a photo of the moon. I really want to be able to get good photos of the moon before the blood moon so when it happens, I will know what I am doing.  That is important.  I know the moon is the moon, and nearly all the images look the same, but still.

I did this, as I said, out my front door.  I used the D800 with a Sigma…

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9 Habits To Acquire Today That Your Future Self Will Thank You For


The actions we take today cultivate the realities we experience tomorrow.

As a society largely encouraged to “live in the moment,” it is important for us to evaluate what day-to-day habits we’ve acquired that will affect our futures.

Sure, we know we need to floss each day, wear SPF and never smoke. However, there are a number of other habits we should start adopting that will benefit us not only today, but also for years to come.

You know how older people are often described as stubborn and “stuck in their ways”? Make sure that when you get to an age when your habits and beliefs are set in stone, they’re ones you’re happy to have; ones that exercise your best interests and work in your favor.

This is a decade of adjustment and growth. While we’re still young enough to frequently change our minds and behaviors, we’re old enough that we should make these changes count.

Still life painting—still a long way to go


Ann Rungsinee

When I first started painting with watercolor, I mostly painted landscape. I still love to paint landscape but also have started to explore more style. Lately I have been into painting still life picture. One thing I lean is that light and shadow are very important!

I’m still learning and cannot yet master all the work of  light/shadow but it’s fun and refreshing all the way 🙂

I like the way the pages look yellowish and century-old I like the way the pages look yellowish and century-old

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